Have you read his "Propaganda" bit? If you have not, I would first recommend reading Sigmund Freud nephew's book by the same title, first.

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I've read "Propaganda" (twice). Seminal work on modern media. What was your takeaway from it?

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I mostly concentrated on the idea of "pre-propaganda". Especially since 2001 this has been something I have been watching very closely. Knowing the concept of having to "plow" and prepare the field before you can plant the seeds and harvest, things like the SPARS-Pandemic tabletop exercise and Event 201 have a bit of a "funny" taste.

To me Ellul represents the counter weight to Sigmund Freuds nephew Edward Bernays and his idea of a "leadership democracy administered by the intelligent minority who know how to regiment and guide the masses." (1928)

Ellul feels to me like someone who wants to educate those masses, rather than "regiment and guide" them.

Still trying to wrap my head around a lot of information. I do not know if you speak/understand German, if however you do, I would recommend watching a longer talk on an unrelated(?) topic by a German Mathematician/Physicist: https://odysee.com/@Melechkatan:6/Ansgar_Schneider_ueber_Wissenschaft_und_gesellschaftliche_Leugnung:2

And how much are you aware of what happened to some of the viellist criminals in post WWII history? https://ghostfromthefuture.substack.com/p/the-doctors-trial-a-short-sight-seeing

I am still baffled by Fritz Fischer/Boehringer/BND/Klaus Barbie/US Chemical Corps/Vietnam War connections.... sorry... hijacking this thread somewhat... too much Info, too little time.

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